The Introduction for Shandong Sencheng Wood Co.,Ltd
      Sencheng Wood Co.,Ltd focus on manufacturing wood products of food, medical treatment and toys, a registered capital of 5 million yuan.Main product categories for the ice cream stick (spoon), Tongue depressor, color stick, coffee stick, etc.;The whole process of production can supply
      Company location is South Of Qiupo And West Of Anwu Rord,Jiayue Town,Zhucheng City,Weifang City,Shandong Province, 120 km away from Qingdao liuting airport, weifang airport 80 kilometers, the sunshine airport 80 kilometers, 90 kilometers Qingdao port 115 kilometers, 90 kilometers from huangdao timber market;Is located in the 22 dragonhead highway and 222 provincial road, on the distance and the freight, especially can provide guest with rapid product availability and low cost transportation services.
      Company to produce products are ice cream stick,spatula, coffee stick, etc.Company spirit of "integrity, quality, service" business philosophy, is willing to provide for the customer from production, the surface curve, selecting, flipping words, transport, customs declaration and shipping to the port of one-stop service.

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Company name:Shandong Sencheng Wood Co.,Ltd
Ad:Jiayue Town,Zhucheng City,WeifangCity,Shandong Province.
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